"Stirring... The amazing unobtrusiveness of the filmmakers and the potent tug of the teacher-pupil struggles combine compellingly... Packs an emotional wallop."
-- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times

"One of the best movies you'll see this year. Geller and Goldfine pack walloping comedic and emotional punches... You come to realize that what you're watching is a love story, one that's both tearjerker and life affirmer... No less inspiring or heartbreaking a film than Hoop Dreams."
-- Ernest Hardy, L.A. Weekly

"Kids of Survival is an inspiring documentary about a small but amazing teaching program tucked into the grim life of the South Bronx... stunning in its visual simplicity and straightforward style. It is a joy to watch."
-- Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle

Kids of Survival:
The Art & Life of Tim Rollins + K.O.S.
87 minutes - color - 1996

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