Four years after finishing the critically-acclaimed FROSH: Nine Months in a Freshman Dorm, Emmy Award-winning filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine return to Stanford University to see how five of their characters have fared.

SENIORS: Four Years in Retrospect, demonstrates that there is no one "college experience," but that each student has to discover his or her own distinct path through these four unforgettable years.

For example, Monique, the daughter of a crack-addicted mother, who nearly drops out of college in FROSH, has become an outstanding student destined for an academic career, after the intervention of two minority campus mentors. On the other hand, Brandi, a confident, middle-class frosh, becomes disoriented and has to take two years off before returning to graduate.

SENIORS can help raise issues such as the pros and cons of fraternities and ethnic theme houses, and the need to reconsider majors and career plans. Above all, SENIORS will reassure students that they can survive anything during these turbulent years, and emerge with a more robust and realistic identity.

Note: Seniors: Four Years in Retrospect is meant for an educational audience. For the full-length documentary feature version of this film, please see NOW & THEN: From FROSH to Seniors.

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