"Excellent... completely disarming... In each of these kids we recognize someone we all went to school with, but Geller and Goldfine forgo casting them as types, letting them speak for themselves... Go, pick your own favorite student. Mine? Monique, who scheduled her freshman year classes around General Hospital."
-- Wesley Morris, San Francisco Examiner

"Entertaining and thought-provoking... Filled with self-discovery... a realistic and revealing portrait of college life and the way it shapes young people." -- Paul Sterman, The Oakland Tribune

"An especially interesting bunch of students... So much of what we hear about colleges is lamentable: culture wars, budgetary woes, ruinously high tuitions... Now and Then offers positive news about universities. While never blind to the angry, tedious aspects of student life, the film observes everything good about going to college."
-- Richard von Busack, San Jose Metro

Now & Then:
From Frosh to Seniors
87 minutes - color - 1999

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